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I was living a

"safe and secure,"

but small life.

In many ways, I had a great life. I was in my forties, had two amazing children who’d become adults I was proud of, and was a successful therapist.

Then I had a life-changing accident.

February 10, 2017, I was driving down the highway near the small town where I live. A semi passed me as I was attempting a turn and connected with my vehicle. Somehow, my vehicle became connected with the semi.

It proceeded to drag me and my car along with it, at high speed.


As the noise of breaking glass and the sickening crunch of metal filled my ears, thoughts flooded through me:

  • I guess this is it.
  • I thought about how I’d miss my family and my friends.
  • I thought about the book I never had the chance to write.

I felt like I was floating.

 The next thing I remembered; I was on the other side of the road. I was in the driver’s seat. A man and a woman were helping me out of my car. It was smashed up against the guardrail facing oncoming traffic. My windshield was completely shattered and the door was coming off.

 I only had a small cut on my hand, and bruising. My spine and neck were injured in multiple areas, but I was able to walk. Shaky, and in shock, but surprised that I was able to move, I grabbed my phone, my purse and the little angel my sister had given me shortly before my trip.

The policeman who came on the scene said to me:

“If you didn’t believe in God until today, you better now because it looks like a whole force field was around you. That driver hadn’t even tried to stop yet when he was dragging you, there were no brake marks, and he is way down there.”

It was only after a lot of reflection, that I realized I’d placed the angel my sister gave me on my steering wheel, facing the side where the semi was dragging me. I’m not typically the sort of person who puts little decorations like that on my car.

You can bet she resides near my windshield, arms bent from the crash, in my car now >


In that moment when I was feeling broken and dragged by life, I realized that love is the most powerful healer, and the reason we are truly alive.



So I packed up everything I had and I moved back home.