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Are you experiencing pain?

In your mind?
In your body?

I am a Somatic Relationship Therapist and Coach and I specialize in helping clients improve the relationship between their mind and body, as well as bring more energy and spark to the important relationships in their lives.


I can help with:

  •  Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Chronic Pain / Illness
  • Complex PTSD / Trauma
  • Body Image Dissatisfaction
  • Life Transitions

All pain in the body has a mind/ body connection, but not all Therapists and Coaches offer mind/body solutions.


I specialize in Mind/Body Healing.

Whether your pain is coming from a broken heart from a relationship ending, conflicts with family, complex trauma, death of a loved one, the loss of your career or income, overwhelming anxiety and depression, or a recent scary health diagnosis of high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, or chronic pain -I can help!

 All pain in the body has a mind/ body connection, but not all Therapists and Coaches offer mind/body solutions.

In my Therapy, Courses, Somatic Coaching Programs, and Online Community you will learn:

Somatic techniques

to help you understand the relationship between your mind and body

Relationship Skills

with techniques to help you in all kinds of relationships in your life

Soothe / Reduce Pain & Stress

in your mind as well as your body using the five senses

Fuel & Move Your Body

with skills to improve your physical and emotional health

Better Work / Life Balance

techniques to identify and improve these integral parts of your life

Improve Self Acceptance

with methods that will help you appreciate yourself better

Experience More

moments of joy, peace, and genuine connection in your daily life

Genuine Connection. For All.

I value the beauty and synergy of connection. Where everyone—BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Neurodivergent, and so many more all come together.

 Not to be “included” in the status quo, but to create genuine connections based on our unique individual talents and perspectives, and find more joy and peace.

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More About Me:

My love of story telling, exercise, music, yoga and nature brings me a lot of peace and fuels my creativity and passion to help others. I use all aspects of this creativity in my coaching and my writing to help inspire and motivate others to be their true, authentic selves.

My clients describe me as:

Warm, empathic, real, with a good sense of humor. They tell me they feel more hopeful and motivated after we meet. 

Something to know about my approach:

I am very positive and I help people begin to create a new story based on self acceptance and the belief that their lives can get better, no matter what they have been through. 

Together, we will:

Establish a safe place for you to be able to express your feelings and learn new ways to improve your relationships and your life based on what brings you happiness and peace.

I specialize in working with people who:

People who are passionate about building strong, authentic relationships filled with more energy and spark.

I became a Transformational Relationship Coach and Therapist because I love to see people learn to accept and love themselves, and learn to attract and receive loving supportive relationship. Because when it comes to the end of our lives the one thing we will treasure most are the special moments of love and light with the people we love.


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Oct 18, 2023


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