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Relationship Superskills Program

Soma is a Greek word for ‘the living body known from within’, or known to the Self. This ‘knowing’ signifies wholeness. 

Somatic Relationship Program 

 Core Concepts

  • If we feel disconnected from ourselves, our own thoughts, feelings and dreams, we have a really hard time truly connecting with the person we love. 
  • Relationship Conflicts often trigger stressful or even sometimes traumatic relational patterns which can increase our anxiety and tendency to respond with intense emotion or blame the other person or ourselves for the conflict. 

How is the Somatic Relationship Program different than other Relationship or Couples Therapy? 

  • We work individually “towards” your partner while we work first on your own mind/body connection. 
  • Learn skills to calm your nervous system and regulate your emotions effectively. 
  • Learn to identify and cope with your emotions
  • Learn to express your emotions first in session with your therapist and coach, then with your partner.
  • Learn skills to resolve conflict and express emotions,  needs and wants 
  • Learn skills to re-connect and repair to help strengthen the genuine connection and intimacy in your relationship to feel that spark again, and write a new chapter in your life together.